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Is Chief Safety Services affiliated with OSHA?

No. Chief Safety Services is a private, veteran owned firm. However, we do interact with OSHA in several ways, including assisting our clients with inspections and participating in OSHA training programs.

Our employees are spread out and gathering them for training is difficult. What are our options?

Chief Safety can arrange multiple training sessions, visit separate sites, or even conduct live online training. We are very flexible and can accommodate virtually any schedule.

Can my company get fined even if we only have one employee?

Yes. Although employers with 10 or fewer employees are exempt from such requirements as record keeping and planned inspections, an employer with just one employee must still comply with the applicable OSHA standards. To learn more about which standards apply to your company’s operations please contact us.

My company is working for a general contractor. Who is responsible if OSHA shows up?

Each employer is potentially responsible. Contact us for more information!

My company was issued citations from a recent OSHA inspection. What can Chief do for us?

Chief Safety is highly qualified and  represents numerous clients each year. We not only provide representation at your informal conference but also assistance with the citation abatement process.

My company has a high turn-over rate. Am I required to train new employees?

Yes, it is recommended that new hires are trained before starting work. OSHA requires employers to train an employee to recognize any hazard they may encounter in the workplace. Chief Safety offers several tools including online new hire training to make meeting this requirement efficient and easy.

If there are only 2 employees in attendance, can we still hold a 10/30 hour class in person?

No, OSHA requires a minimum of 3 students and no more than 40 per class (unless preauthorized by an OSHA Outreach Center).

Is it possible to conduct an OSHA 10-hour training in one day?

No, OSHA has set a maximum training length of 7.5 hours per day. This criterion is also true for OSHA's 30-hour training. 

I’m a small employer, am I required to maintain an occupational safety and health program?

Yes, even employers with as few as one employee must develop, implement, and maintain an occupational safety and health plan to protect their employees. Several factors determine whether a safety and health plan must be written or can be conveyed verbally. Please contact us to discuss your company’s options.



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